Highly recommend bike riding lessons from Kristen. She taught my nervous 9 yr old son this summer and now he is riding all over. It was a big help to have an instructor outside of the family.

Kelly Brennan Davis

Everyone should jump on this! Kristen is the best!

Mary Boctor Carroll

Totally worth every penny!! My 11 year old son was terrified and Kristen had him riding in an hour!!

Dawn Kobylarz Kempka

Kristen DeSavino I give the highest recommendation! I tried for years! You took way less than an hour. Incredible. Absolutely incredible.

Tristan Ashly

After another frustrating attempt on Sunday evening (hills, grass, you name it), I called the woman in Kristen (who I have officially dubbed the bike whisperer) came this afternoon and, no joke, after one hour, we now have another bicyclist in our house!! Thank you for the rec, Sarah! I can't tag Kristen since she's not in this group. Highly recommend her!!

Dena Wilson Stewart

Learn to ride is the best! Kristen taught my twins both to ride in one lesson each! Now they are riding alone with great confidence!

Tracy Ferreira

Kristen is WONDERFUL!!!! she taught my daughter how to ride a bike a few weeks ago! My daughter was so scared to learn and had no confidence from previously have broken her arm three times, but Kristen made her feel so confident!

Stacey O-Donn

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