Let a Professional Teach Your Child to Ride a Bike

Arrange for private bike riding lessons in Neptune City, NJ and the surrounding areas

Does your child struggle to ride a bike properly? You don't have to feel frustrated. Every child is unique, and your little one might need personalized help to learn the skills they need. Learn to Ride offers private bike riding lessons in the Neptune City, NJ area. Our trained instructor can work with any youngster one-on-one to help them get over challenges like anxiety, motor delays and disabilities. You can rest assured that your child will be riding confidently before you know it.

Schedule bike riding lessons for kids with disabilities or anxiety by contacting us today.

We Also Offer Bike Riding Lessons For Children with Disabilities or Adults!

It's never too late to Learn To Ride

Take advantage of our proven process

Learn to Ride is better than just an ordinary instructor. We know kids, and we'll help motivate your child so they can enjoy this exciting physical activity. Our private bike riding lessons include:

One-hour lessons broken down into pedaling, balancing, starting, stopping and turning

Tokens that your child can earn and use for a prize at the end of a lesson

Frequent breaks as needed to help your child avoid becoming frustrated

We charge $100 a lesson, and many children make huge improvements in their very first lesson. If you have several little ones, we'll be happy to teach them together.

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